Art Education


The Museum opens up new prospects for exploring the distinctive features of 19th century art. The permanent collection enhanced by special exhibitions (paintings and graphic arts) and complemented by lectures, concerts, readings and side events all serve to throw light on the great complexity distinguishing this unique epoch. The Museum regards itself as a forum for international dissemination of art emanating from this period. Since art education appeals to all age groups, one of the prime objectives focused on is to stimulate the visitor’s interest. Special promotion facilities include for example guided tours conducted in dialogue style or workshops for children and young persons. These are augmented by guided group tours, highlights being company excursions and special birthday events. The Children’s Museum – open for several months each year – invites youngsters of all ages to come along and paint or experiment in special theme rooms. In addition, holiday workshops are staged as well as an ART FOR CHILDREN series each Sunday.

The Teacher Training Academy specialises in interactive training facilities for primary and secondary school teachers. The aim of these courses is to provide teachers with stimulating ideas and guidelines for classwork while encouraging visits to the Museum with their pupils.

Information on current events will be gathered from our homepage.
Bookings for guided tours and private parties can be made by phoning 09721 51 4830 / 51 4820 (weekend enquiries contact box office Tel.: 514825).
Art Education Centre consulting hours: Mon. to Fri. between 9 and 13h (side entrance Brückenstr. 20).

Bildbetrachtung im Museum Georg Schäfer

Kleine Kunstwerke

Traumlandschaft in einer Museomobilbox

Malkurs im Museum Georg Schäfer